Netflix is awesome in many ways even though you don’t have all the content. If you live outside the United States of America, then you probably know that you haven’t got the full version of Netflix. If you didn’t know we are sorry to spoil it, but you only have a small portion of it.

It is damn frustration to buy Netflix to watch nice series like Supernatural, Top Gear etc. knowing that there is alot more episodes available on the US version of Netflix.

Take Top Gear as an example. In Denmark there is like 7 seasons you can choose from on Netflix whereas the US version have 17 seasons at the moment! Supernatural is not even on the danish version of Netflix, but on the US version there is 7 seasons.

So basically you get a lot more out the US version of Netflix for no extra charge. You just make some simple free steps and there you go, it is unlocked.

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